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 Love Blooms Anew: "Growing in Love"  

Love's journey isn't always a fairytale. It's a dynamic dance of growth, challenge, and rediscovery. That's the essence captured in the captivating new book, "Growing in Love," whose launch will be celebrated at the forthcoming Heart2heart True Love Relationship Conference 2024. Happening from the 11th to the 14th of February 2024.


The book, penned by Dr. Stephanie Oarhe, delves into the intricate realities of love beyond the happily-ever-after. Drawing from her wealth of wisdom obtained in loads of experience on the counselling table. it offers insightful guidance and practical tools for nurturing love through its various stages. 


 The Doctor of Love in this book takes us through the phases of love having recognized that love is a journey, which grows unto maturity. 


We will learn how love transcends feelings to intentionality. How it moves from spontaneous romance to intentional romance. It is an exciting piece to read and when the principles are applied, can transform one’s love life from endurance to bliss. 


The launch event, to be held at the Hilltop International Christian Center, Port Harcourt, Rivers Nigeria, will showcase a beautiful testament to the book's message. 


The atmosphere will be buzzing with warm energy as we will be having in attendance, couples young and old to singles seeking guidance, gathered to celebrate the power of love and its growth. 


Guests will be treated to a Varity of activities such as book signing, panel discussion session, where they could interact with the author, share their own love stories, and delve deeper into the book's concepts.  


"Growing in Love" is more than just a book; it's a beacon of hope and guidance for anyone seeking to cultivate deeper, more fulfilling connections.   


It is worthy to note here that the foreword of this book was written by Rev Chris Oarhe the General overseer of the Hilltop International Christian Center. 


This book has the potential to touch hearts and transform lives. 

Are you embarking on a new love journey, rekindling an old flame, or simply seeking to nurture the love in your life? "Growing in Love" is a must-read. 


Place an order now and pick up your copy on the launch day, and begin your journey towards a love that blossoms and flourishes with time.

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